The Pop music is back with more boom than ever with the arrival of the latin super star Diva Ice. This young singer and composer, born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico in 1985. She studied communications, journalism and music, and graduated from the University of P.R. in Arecibo. 

Brendaliz Castro Villanueva, also known as Diva Ice , worked as a journalist and news producer at the Puerto Rican radio. Then, began his musical career in 2009 and now, in 2011, surprised us with her first single "I Don't Believe". In just a few weeks and  through social networks,  the single  has become an international hit and a viral phenomenon on the Internet. " 

I Don't Believe" was written by Diva Ice, produced by the dominican producer Juan J. Brito, known as DJ Topop "La Máskara ¨, recorded and mixed at the Q'Base Recording Studio in the Dominican Republic.


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